01/Marco/2005 Miwa's house - Ebi furai
02/Marco/2005 Sushi bar with Murata san
03/Marco/2005 Hinamatsuri
04/Marco/2005 Snow, DVDs and Judo
06/Marco/2005 Castle in Noda city
08/Marco/2005 Playing with something in Miwa's house
09/Marco/2005 Amy's new house - Sakata san
13/Marco/2005 Judo match
14/Marco/2005 Sukiyaki in Miwa's house
15/Marco/2005 Avril Lavigne's show
18/Marco/2005 Karaoke with Kyoko and Abe
19/Marco/2005 DVD in Kaori's house
24/Marco/2005 Jaime's parents welcome party
27/Marco-06/Abril/2005 Thai's trip