Exchange Student Clarissa

Miss Clarissa will visit Kasukabe city as a Rotary Exchange Student.
We Kasukabe West Rotary club members all will look after her about 1 year
and are willingly watiing for her to visit Japan from Germany.
I wish both understanding is increasing more and more before her arrival.
Please write and look these messages.
2000 04 19
by Akky

Please click here to see another photos.

I've just looked up the Kasukabe Walking Street and it is really good.
and thank you very much for setting my photos up.
I am very interested in computers too, so it's great for me to see all the things in the internet.
Now I have holiday and I am going to leave today for one week.
I'm going to Portugal with my parents and grandparents.
I will be back the next wednesday.
Many greetings to all RC Kasukabe West members
Good bye

hello mr Toshiyuki Miwa.
I just looked at the homepage and what I have seen is really great.
thank you very much for giving me the latest news!
bye bye
Clarissa Frank

Hello mr akira sano

thank you very much for your e-mail.
the homepage is a great idea and i just looked it up right now.
the pictures of martin and diego are very good.
I'm looking forward to go to Japan...really,
I can't wait until I will be there.
bye bye Clarissa Frank
2000 04 18

Hi !! Clarissa Frank

Thank you your quickly reply.
and you did look at my page.
I want to show about you to our RC members all on web page.
And then please send me your photo by e-mail. I will set up your photos at once.

D2770 4 group Kasukabe West RC
Past President Akira Sano
2000 04 19

dear clarissa

My name is Sano and I have just looked your e-mail to Miwa.
I'm also waiting for your visit Japan.
I am building up homepage about you.
please look my page ---

2000 04 18
from Akira Sano

hello mister Miwa,

thank you very much for telling me so fast where I will go.
I'm glad that you contact me so early.
I'm really happy that I can go to Japan.
This is my greatest dream.
thank you,
good bye

Clarissa Frank from Germany
2000 04 14



2000 04 18