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Argentine Republic
Blue means Symbole of Justice, Truth and Frienship.

Central desine is called the Sun of May and means Memory of Resistance to Spanish.

Diego Hernan Vea

Diego Hernan Vea from Republic of Arzentina A rotary exchange student Diego arrived Narita International airport at 11th on January and left Japan at 15th on December. Thank you very much for your access to Diego's activities in Japan.

We wish to promote mutual understanding between Arzetina and Japan
through this Rotary youth exchange program
1999/01/11--First day in Japan
1999/01/14--First in RC meeting
1999/04/22--Primera Impresion

1999/11/23--Farewel party by host families
1999/12/02--Final speech at formal meeting
1999/12/15--Diego at Narita airport

These pages are private and built by Akira Sano (Kasukabe West RC 1999-2000 counseler).

Welcome to Cordoba
Argentina & Cordoba map

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