Exchange student Martin Grunert

My impressions of Japan:


I think that Kasukabe is a very beautiful city, which is VERY
different from my home in Australia. The roads here are so narrow that I
often wonder how the Japanese people get their cars past eachother. I think
that Kasukabe is a very big city, compared to Lismore where I come from.
Lismore has a population of about 50 000 people, and Kasukabe has a
population of around 200 000......this is quite a change for me!


I really enjoy going to school here in Japan
because all the students are so very friendly. I have already made many
friends but I still have trouble remembering their names because Japanese
names are so different from Australian names. In some of the classes I am a
little bored because I cannot understand much Japanese yet, but that will
soon change because I am learning more and more Japanese each day.


I really love Japan as a country. I think that it is very
beautiful and very interesting. Because it is such an old country Japan has
much of the ancient diverse history and culture which Australia frequently
seems to lack, and thus I am greatly interested in Japanese culture and the
peoples way of life. I was very happy that I got my choice in being able to
come to Japan because this is a country where I have always wanted to go
since I was very young. I love Japan!
I would also like to take this opportunity to once again gratefully thank
the Kasukabe West Rotary Club for hosting me, and giving me the opportunity
to take part in this wonderful program. I would also like to thank my host
family`s, both the one I am at now and the ones I have yet to stay at.
Everyone has been so very friendly and helpful to me, Thankyou! Also, I
would like to express my deepest thanks to the Rotary Club of Goonellabah in
district 9640 for sponsoring me. I am greatly honoured by this and hope to
be the best possible ambassador for my home country, it`s people and my
sponsor Rotary Club. Thankyou all so very much.
Your Exchange Student:

Martin Grunert.

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